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Regulations for the use of ski lifts and slopes

Emergency telephone at the resort
+34 973 639 050

Ski in a safe and controlled manner.
It is your responsibility

Approved by resolution of the General Management of Transports of the Generalitat de Catalunya , 10 November, 1987.

  1. The facilities shall be for sport and tourist use exclusively.

  2. The user shall be familiar with the specific conditions and rules of use of the facilities of mechanical ski lifts indicated at the starting point of each facility, and shall use them according to these rules.

  3. All information or warning signs must be obeyed, as they are there in order to provide the best service and above all, the utmost safety. Likewise, the resort's barriers and signposting of closed slopes, danger, cordoned off area etc, whether these be signs, nets or cordoning must be obeyed.

  4. The beginners' areas must be respected in as far as speed and the way of skiing are concerned.

  5. Personnel working at the resort shall be duly trained, in uniform or carrying the appropriate identification. The personnel's two fundamental objectives are safety and to provide a service to the user. They must, therefore, attend to your suggestions and instructions, especially in the case of danger or emergency.

  6. For courtesy and safety reasons, always keep the strict order of arrival when using the facilities. The waiting area must be appropriately cordoned and fit for its use.

  7. Personnel on duty at the resort with identification of their position shall have preference in the use of the facilities.

  8. The purchasing of a ski pass includes the right to use all the facilities and slopes open to the public. The ski pass is non-transferable and the resort can not be held responsible for its loss.

  9. For each facility there is a ticket valid for one upward lift only. These tickets can be purchased at one place only for all the facilities.

  10. Anyone found using the facilities without a valid ticket will have to pay a fine double the cost of the ticket or ski pass. This process will generally take place off the slopes.

  11. If, while the resort is open, the Management are forced to close the facilities to the public for safety reasons, it will not necessarily be obliged to refund the cost of the ski pass.

  12. Complaints forms must be made available to the user.

  13. Failure to fulfil these conditions shall give authorisation to the resort personnel to prohibit the use of the facilities for safety reasons, without prejudice of any sanctions which may be applied according to the Law.

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    3/05/22 17:30
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    Minimum: 3.8ºC Current: 3.8ºC Maximum : 4.1ºC
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