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Legal notice

BAQUEIRA BERET S.A. · Afores s/n · 25598 Salardú (LLeida) · CIF A25005620 · baqueira@baqueira.es

General conditions of use and privacy policy

1. Identification of the Company

The information contained in this website refers to products and services of Baqueira Beret S.A.

2. Purpose of the web

The purpose of this web is to inform the general public of the Company’s activities and services. Baqueira Beret reserve the right to carry out at any given moment and without prior warning, modifications of the information contained in its web or in its set up and presentation. The products described of Baqueira Beret are subject to Spanish law exclusively and are formulated for negotiations which take place within said country. The information contained in this website is solely of an informative nature, and is in no way binding to oblige the User to enter into contract with the Company.

3 Conditions of access and availability

Access to the contents of this website is free for all Users, and is not subject to previous subscription or registration. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, except in the case of any interruptions required for system maintenance and improvement or due to circumstances laid down in section 4. paragraph 3. Notwithstanding the latter.

4. Exemption from liabilities

4.1 For undue use:

On entering this website, it is understood that Baqueira Beret shall not be responsible for any damages which may derive from said access, or use of information of said website or by access to other matters in Internet through links with this website.

4.2 For contents of third parties:

The website may contain links of hypertext with other sites in the World Wide Web which are completely independent of this website. Baqueira Beret is not responsible for nor guarantees, under any circumstances, the accuracy, insufficiency or veracity of the information given by any person, company through said links of hypertext.

4.3 For technical errors whether of Baqueira Beret or other.

Baqueira Beret shall not be responsible for possible damage which may derive from interference, omission, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the chosen operating system (telephone network, Internet, etc), which occur for reasons alien to Baqueira Beret, nor for delays or blockages in the use of the chosen system due to deficiencies or overload in Baqueira Beret’s Data Processing Centre, in Internet or other electronic systems, as well as any damage which may be caused by third parties via illegal intromissions in the chosen system, beyond Baqueira Beret’s control. Furthermore, Baqueira Beret is free from responsibility for all damage which the Client may suffer as a consequence of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by Baqueira Beret, when said information is from sources other than Baqueira Beret.

5 Intellectual property

The Copyright of the material contained in this website is the property of Baqueira Beret.
Free access does not imply other rights or licence for its reproduction and/or distribution without Baqueira Beret’s expressed authorisation. All brand names, logos, designs, contents, programmes and like objects which constitute this website are protected under the industrial and intellectual property laws and international agreements. The unauthorised reproduction, distribution, manipulation or disassembling of the source code, incorporated algorithms or databases whether totally or partially, will be seriously penalised by civil and criminal law and will be subject to judicial prosecution.
Domain baqueira.es registered in the Trade Register of Lleida: Book 56, Folio 24, Page L- 990.

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