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Frequently asked questions

Ski passes and cards FAQs

  1. How can I get my SKI PASS?

    This year all ski passes must be purchased online. To do so, you must have one of two cards, the BaqueiraPASS or BaqueiraTICKET, and recharge online the ski passes for the days you want to ski.

  2. Which ski pass should I purchase if I am already at my destination or I don’t have time to process the BaqueiraPASS at home?

    You can buy ski days via the website without your BaqueiraTICKET ski pass card, and link your purchase to the card later. Collect your ski pass card for free from the resort's Information Points as well as Val d'Aran and Valls d'Àneu hotels, tourist offices and other collaborating outlets including ski schools or ski, ski hire and repair shops.

    You can also get a BaqueiraTICKET ski pass card and/or top it up via the Baqueira website or app.

  3. How can I acquire a day ski pass at a special rate? (Infant, Senior, Access only, Afternoon and Beret-Beginner)

    Special Baby and Senior rates are available when you top up your BaqueiraPASS online or in person at Information Points.
    Afternoon Only, Spectator and Beret Beginner passes with discounted rates must be purchased in person at resort Information Points.

    You can only top up Adult and Child ski passes at standard rates on the BaqueiraTICKET card.

  4. If I top up my BaqueiraPASS or BaqueiraTICKET but the capacity is limited, is access to lifts guaranteed?

    Yes, once payment has been made, on either card, your ski pass is ready to be used on the days purchased.

    Once the purchase of the recharge is confirmed, your place is also confirmed, and deducted from the available capacity. For this reason, no refunds or changes can be made.

  5. Does the ski pass recharge include accident insurance coverage?

    The price of the BaqueiraPASS and BaqueiraTICKET recharge does NOT include ski insurance coverage, although this can be purchased when you recharge your ski pass.

    If you've topped up your card and want to check your pass for the days purchased, you can do this either in the private section of your BaqueiraPASS, or by checking your BaqueiraTICKET confirmation email.

  6. Is there a special ski pass for beginners?

    Yes, at the Beret information points you can purchase a ski pass at a special rate to ski exclusively in the beginner’s area in Beret. The pass is not valid for skiing on any other slopes at the Resort.

  7. I've lost, or haven't received, my purchase confirmation email for a day pass bought without a ski pass card. How can I link the purchase to my BaqueiraTICKET?

    Please email forfaits@baqueira.es and request another confirmation email to link the two together, or visit one of the resort Information Points in person.

  8. You can purchase your pass using the following payment methods

    - Credit card
    - Google Pay
    - Apple Pay (access via Safari)

BaqueiraPASS FAQs

  1. How can I access my private area to carry out operations for BaqueiraPASS?

    You can access your private area by going to www.baqueirapass.es and entering your email address in the space “Access your private area”. You will then be sent an email with a link to your private area.

    You can also access your private area by registering as a BaqueiraPASS customer using the Baqueira app.

  2. I have already renewed my BaqueiraPASS for the season. Will I receive a new card?

    When you recharge your BaqueiraPASS in your private area, you are recharging the same BaqueiraPASS that you had the previous season. If you have lost your card, you can report it by going to the tab entitled “Group”, where you can order a replacement card.

    We remind you that all BaqueiraPASS replacement cards which are ordered for reasons of loss, theft, damage or breakage of the original card have a charge of 10 euros, in concept of a new card and handling charges.

  3. I can only ski from Monday to Friday. Is there a special rate for a season ski pass for those days only?

    Yes, there is the option of the WEEKDAY BaqueiraPASS. You can find this option in your private area.

  4. How can I recharge the BaqueiraPASS of a family member or friend?

    By entering your private area, you choose which category you want to recharge to your card, (Season, Weekday or Days), and you can choose the BaqueiraPASS you require for everyone who is in your group. You can also add another person BaqueiraPASS by clicking on “Add friend” and entering the number that appears on that particular card (8 digits + 1 letter).

  5. How much time should I allow when ordering my BaqueiraPASS?

    You should order your BaqueiraPASS card at least 5 working days* before you intend to use it. If you order your card in Spain or France, this is the time period required for it to be delivered to your home.

    If the address you provide is in a country other than Spain or France, the card will not be sent there, but can be collected at the Ski Resort itself. A delivery service is not provided to addresses in the Canary Islands, Val d’Aran or Valls d’Àneu.

    *The expected delivery time is 5 days from the moment all the information and documentation has been received.

  6. Can I recharge a BaqueiraPASS for a bank holiday at the same rate as for a WEEKDAY pass?

    Yes, a BaqueiraPASS card with a weekday recharge can be charged to cover the days not included in the WEEKDAY calendar.

  7. If I have last season’s BaqueiraPASS, can I change the category of pass when I recharge it? For example, last year I had a season pass and this year I want to change to the individual days category or vice versa.

    Yes, the same BaqueiraPASS card can be recharged either for a season pass or for days. A BaqueiraPASS which was recharged as a season pass the previous year can be used again, and recharged as a ski pass for individual days, and vice versa.

    In the same season, you can change from recharging your pass for individual days to recharging it for the whole season, but you must take into account that you will not be entitled to a refund of the difference in cost up to the moment you make that change. Remember that once you have recharged your pass for whatever category, it is NOT REFUNDABLE NOR EXCHANGEABLE.

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