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New for the 21/22 season

The new Clòt der Os chairlift, detachable with 6 places available to enjoy Beret to the full

This special winter season, skiers and snowboarders will enjoy a new chairlift: Clòt der Os, a detachable chairlift with 6 places that not only redraws the Beret beginners area, but also improves the connection with the Dossau chairlift.

In figures, the new chairlift has a capacity of 2,400 skiers per hour with an exit altitude at 1,850 m, next to the Audeth hub in Beret, and an entry altitude at 2,207 m. covering a 357 m grade. with a length of 1,992 m.

The surface lift at Pla de Beret, a new beginners area in Beret

In reworking the Beret area, the Peret de Beret chairlift has been replaced by a surface lift, and the beginners area has been enclosed as in the Baqueira area.

The new surface lift has a capacity of 650 skiers/hour with an exit altitude of 1,838 m and an entry altitude at 1,881 m, covering a 43 m grade with a length of 337 metres, exceeding an average slope of 12.8%. However, beginners will be able to 'jump' from the surface lift to the new chairlift in a few days of skiing.

Snow production and other improvements

The work on improving the Baqueira Spirit that is undertaken but not seen also includes the extraordinary revisions of the Teso dera Mina and Argulls chairlifts. Similarly, the reorganisation of the Beret beginners area has taken snow production to the Audeth piste, and improvement to Cabanes, with a new Pins piste as the previous piste is now called Stadium 2. The integration of the lake in Beret with the landscape around it is another subtle new development, which might not be noticed, but is very necessary. Another of the more visible new features is the turnstile access to the new Pla de Beret surface lift, to the Fernández Ochoa surface lift from Stadium and to the Mirador chairlift.

Sustainability: the mountain is our big raison d'être, we have to take care of it

Baqueira Beret ski and mountain resort continues to implement different actions to promote sustainability and self-sufficiency at the winter resort.

One of the key principles at Baqueira is to help create a sustainable future and have a long-term vision by adjusting our commercial operations and reducing our carbon footprint. More is needed, consequently, different actions have been planned and implemented to promote the sustainability and self-sufficiency of the ski and mountain resort, both inside and outside the limits of the resorts, in some details that seem more obvious and in other details that may not be noticed, but that also contribute to the common good.

BaqueiraPASS and BaqueiraTICKET

After the impetus given last season with the BaqueiraPASS and the arrival of the BaqueiraTICKET, the commitment to these passes is renewed, prioritising the purchase of passes online by topping up these two types of cards. In this regard, visitors can now buy a few days of skiing in advance and link them to a physical card by using a number. This card can be acquired free of charge at tourist and information offices in Val d'Aran and Valls d'Àneu, sports shops and hotels, as well as at the resort itself. And with an existing card, it simply needs to be topped up online as before.

With the aim of reducing the large numbers of skiers at the information points and improving customer service and customers' safety, only passes with special rates can be purchased in person (senior, baby, ride, afternoon and beginner).

BaqueiraSNOWCAMP, the new snow playgrounds at Baqueira Beret

The playgrounds have been remodelled with the arrival of Baqueira SnowCAMP, the meeting point where little ones can enjoy Baqueira and the snow to the full. This new step renews the commitment to offering different services adapted to the needs of the youngest members of the household and their parents, so they can enjoy the snow and sport in a safe environment full of plenty of fun. To do this, there is a team of qualified professionals, first-aid trained and experienced in the childcare field. Baqueira SnowCAMP is made up of four snow playgrounds, distributed across the different areas of the resort.

More convenience at catering points

As respects catering, and as a new feature this year, visitors will also be able to enjoy the terraces at the Moët Winter Lounge, the Cinco Jotas Grill Restaurant in Baqueira and Bar 1500 even on the coldest days thanks to the installation of large heated sunshades. Thus, the outdoor areas of these iconic restaurants will be covered for the enjoyment of their customers.

Events for all levels

On an international level, Baqueira is making its debut on the Freeride World Tour calendar, with the participation of two local riders, Aymar Navarro and Abel Moga. It will be the first stop of the tour and visitors will be able to enjoy the most prestigious event in the freeride world at its 15th edition.

Alpine competitions and other disciplines that are already legend will also be held at the resort, including the Fundación Jesús Serra Trophy (with two editions: one in the last 2020-2021 season and the other now), the Memorial to Blanca Fernández Ochoa as the Spanish FIS Champion, the Amics de Montgarri Audi Quattro Cup, the Spanish sprint mushing championship and the traditional Marxa Beret for its 42nd edition.

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    3/05/22 17:30
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    Minimum: 3.8ºC Current: 3.8ºC Maximum : 4.1ºC
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