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Rules of responsibillity

Regulations to follow in case of accident

If you find an accident:

Emergency telephone at the resort
+34 973 639 050

Ski in a safe and controlled manner.
It is your responsibility

  1. Signal the place. Protect the injured person by indicating the place to other skiers: place their skis in the sign of a cross a few metres above where the injured person is lying.
  2. Warn the resort staff. You can do this either by calling the emergency number or by asking another skier to go to the nearest installation, ski lift or the Control Tower.
  3. Help the injured person. Stay with the injured person until help arrives.

Do not on any account attempt to move the injured person. Allow the injured person to find a more comfortable position by themselves, and under no condition remove their boots. Reassure the injured person and keep them warm.

Remember that in these cases the best help you can give the injured person is to inform quickly and accurately of what has happened.

The resort has a specially trained Help Service to administer first aid and assistance to injured people.

Useful Advice

  • Consult the slope report and weather forecast every day which is provided for you by the resort.
  • Skiing is a sport which takes place in a privileged environment. Please show maximum respect the nature around you.
  • Before beginning your day’s skiing, make sure you have all the right equipment you will need for your activity with you, and that it is in good condition.
  • Always ski according to your technical ability, expertise and fitness level. Bear in mind that factors such as weather conditions, state of the snow, tiredness level, equipment and other skiers can influence the way you ski.
  • Skiing is a high mountain sport and in the open air where weather conditions can change suddenly.
  • For your safety, heed the resort’s signs and adapt your behaviour accordingly at all times.
  • Off piste skiing means going into an area which the resort has neither prepared nor signalled. Off piste skiing is always done under the sole responsibility of the skier who chooses to do it. Make sure you know the snow conditions and risk of avalanches.
  • Snow cannons, pylons and other artificial structures are a necessary part of the ski resort. Always keep your speed and route under control so that you are able to avoid them.
  • Snow-groomers and snowmobiles are our work tools. Be aware of their movements and avoid their paths.
  • Speed. You must moderate your speed specially in beginners’ areas, busy parts, at the bottom of the slope, ski lift areas and around the cafés.
  • Always reduce your speed when you find children on your descent path.
  • The best way to get to know the sport better is to put yourself in the hands of a professional. At the information points you can find a wide range of products and services adapted to your needs, such as individual, family or group classes, etc.
  • Information about ski schools which operate in all areas of Baqueira.

Consult information offices at Baqueira 1.500.


All outdoor sports, and specially skiing are very beneficial for children’s development.

At our resort you will find a range of activities designed exclusively for children: beginner’s classes, improvement courses or supervised snowparks.

Children must at all times be supervised by a responsible adult.

Children must have all the necessary equipment appropriate for their skiing ability. We strongly recommend that they wear protective headgear and other protective wear. Remember that at the resort you can hire all the equipment that children need.

It is important that children wear or carry identification (name and telephone number) in a visible place.


  • Located in the area of Beret, it can be reached by using the Blanhiblar chairlift.
  • The Snowpark is a special area, reserved and built for acrobatic skiing. Use the appropriate protective gear, and respect the signs and indications of use.

Everyone who uses the Baqueira Beret ski resort and undertakes any of the activities therein shall be considered a skier, and as such shall comply with the current regulations, the sector regulations and with the instructions given by the resort and its personnel.

Said regulations are available to the general public and may be consulted at all the payment areas, information points and at the information office at Baqueira 1.500. It is the skier’s obligation to be informed about and know the established regulations and to adapt his or her behaviour accordingly.

It is the obligation of adults who have minors, and specially children, in their charge to ensure that these know, understand and adapt their behaviour to the said regulations. It must be specially stressed that children must never ski or be left alone and must always be supervised by a responsible adult. Special attention must be paid to the required conditions for use of the ski lifts and we remind you that there are monitors and instructors available at your disposal at the resort’s various ski schools.

Rules for skiing in a responsible manner

Observe the rules set down below and share this fantastic experience in the snow with other skiers responsibly. Make sure that minors, specially children who are in your charge, know, understand and comply with these rules.

  1. Always descend under control. Always keep your speed and route under control. You must always be able to stop and avoid other people or objects.
  2. People ahead of you have preference of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them. Be particularly careful where children are concerned.
  3. Stop in places which are safe for you and other people. You must be visible from above and must not impede others who are descending.
  4. Before beginning your descent or rejoining a slope, look above you and give way.
  5. Use brakes, straps or other methods to prevent skis and boards getting lost or sliding out of control.
  6. Heed signs and notices. Do not go on to closed slopes.
  7. Use the ski lifts in a safe way. Before using a ski lift, you must know how it works and be physically fit enough to get on and off it safely.
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    Minimum: 3.8ºC Current: 3.8ºC Maximum : 4.1ºC
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